about us

A neigbourhood record store

Wilderness is a place to browse through some records, grab a coffee & a snack, enjoy a beer in the sunshine, catch a little live gig, listen to a book reading or just have a chat


Our store has just opened and it sells lots of really ace records, but currently you do need to come and see us to buy one. In the very near future you'll be able to just visit this website, make a purchase and we'll mail out your new vinyl straight to you!

COFFEE anyone?

We've got you!

You can just pop in for a brew and a cake if you like. Our coffee is supplied by Grindsmith (they're really lovely, go visit them if you're in town)


Our cakes and pastries are made by Trove

We also hand make some ace toasties and a little selection pork pies and scotch eggs delivered daily from Beehive Foods, if you fancy something savoury