Read the label: Dipped In Gold Recordings

Words by Hannah Tinker

A DIY connoisseur, Paul Riddlesworth, owner of Dipped In Gold Recordings, has released and promoted the music of appealing independent artists for years and only has sights on continue "...essentially putting out music I love, made by people I love."

Previously, Paul operated as Too Pure Singles Club, a label that released a 7" a month for ten years, featuring a cavalcade of DIY big guns including Pulled Apart By Horses, John, The Lovely Eggs, Menace Beach, Seazoo, Cowtown, Drahla, Tigercub, Seize The Chair, Dream Themes and many more. Sadly, TPSC folded due to financial constraints but will always be remembered as a welcoming, thoroughbred DIY project. From there onwards Paul knew he wanted to take his next project one step further: " was time for a fresh start and to move on from putting out singles, to join the big boys and girls in putting out long-players."

Thus, Dipped In Gold Recordings originated in 2018, with the intention of going beyond the preliminary launch pad that TPSC had been. Paul wanted to "take it up a notch" and establish a firmer grip as a label. Still, his first project remains affectionately close to heart, those eagle-eyed Pulled Apart By Horses fans will recognise the label name - it was chosen from the band's track Everything Dipped In Gold, which is a nod to the first ever release by Too Pure Singles Club which was their track I Punched A Lion In The Throat. As well as the first ever Dipped In Gold release being the 7" Gig Economy EP from Leeds-based act: Mush, whom had their track Alternative Facts released on the aforementioned singles label. 

Over the past two years the label has developed past their primary format and indeed, expertly conquered the long-play. Next, came noisy big-leaguers USA Nails' celebrated album Life Cinema again, whose previous single (Stuck For Inspiration) Paul had released on TPSC. Followed by 2020 releases from Heavy Salad with their psych-pop-bop Cult Casual and Grotbags' self-titled debut came next "...frankly who doesn’t want an album of songs about fried eggs, unsolicited dick pics and giant children?" Upcoming, February is set to be pivotal month, with two releases. There's the impressive debut album XYZZY from Another New Thing on the 19th, as well as the dabble into singles once more with the release of the powerfully feminine Loose Articles' inaugural physical pressing, with their single Up The Disco, set for release on the 26th of that month.

Acts are usually found through gigs but instead, during these unprecedented times, demos, recommendations and all-out friendly forcefulness ("Grotbags just bullied me on Twitter until I caved in") have led Paul to his most recent releases. The acts that find themselves on Dipped In Gold's glittering roster all seem to have a certain similar dynamic: each are passionately creative individualists with a penchant for the extravagant. By no means in a grandiose manner, instead as a method of being heard, being different and expressing themselves positively, through a maximalist, DIY ethos. 

At present time, these releases tend to be hand to mouth due to budget constraints so, sadly, each and every release has the potential to be their last. We implore you to keep this whole-heartedly loved DIY label going. As Paul summaries: "I’m incredibly proud of all the releases so far and hopefully there are many more to come, if we can survive this bloody pandemic."

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