Lou Breed - Stoned Out II: Morning Of The Way To Love

Lou Breed - Stoned Out II: Morning Of The Way To Love

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Stoned Out Two neatly takes off from where the 2010 debut Stoned Out: Miami Beach left us. That time around Jeremy was feverishly writing and recording whilst in his final months of study at University of Michigan, resulting in a wonderfully intimate and glitchy pop record inspired by the likes of Beck, Panda Bear, Captain Beefheart, Haruomi Hosono & Tadanori Yokoo, Freddie Mckay, and Pregnant.

Now two years down the line, we find East Coast native Daly making the jump to the warmer tropes of Los Angeles. This sophomore collection of songs shows an evident liberation thanks to the transition in temperature (hinted at by the Hockney-esque pool scene artwork), as well as the newly-afforded freedom to develop musically within the sprawling isolation of L.A.

From the redemptive gospel tones of ‘Countertop’, to the undeniable afro-beat samples that make up standout, ‘Fellow American’, Stoned Out Two.. is a potent and persuasive compendium of re-structured grooves and samples, found sounds, and home recordings, ably embellished with Daly’s succinct melodic flourishes, and innovational, genre-hopping production.

The album is restricted to 100 cassette copies. Each copy comes with hand assembled album covers, designed by U.K. based illustrator, Jiro Bevis.