STEAM Radio residency


This week for the Wilderness Record Store show, it's a seasonal spectacular family affair. Listen in to find a small selection box of their favourite Christmas songs, each member of the team discusses their individual Album of the Year, as well as some other tracks that have shone through and caught their attention throughout these gloomy months. Plus, the Christmas elf himself (Rhys from The Early Mornings and Oort Clod) dips in with his take!


Every 4 weeks a different member of the Wilderness Record Store team takes to the airwaves. This week it's Hannah's turn, featuring guests Jacob from Interior and Marcus and Claudia, founders of the upcoming Black Spring Zine.

Hannah will be playing tracks from LPs that Wilderness have in-stock, with a focus on their alternative and independent artists/labels section. Plus, you can expect a track from her album of the year, music from the upcoming FAIR PLAY line-up, select tracks from her podcast with Hit The Groove Record Club (which is usually a regular event at Wilderness) and her Halloween feature for Self Isolation Discs. We’ll even get an exclusive announcement about YAANG!


For the first installment of their new monthly residency, Wilderness Record Store have got the whole team involved for a show full of tracks they’ve each loved over the past few months! After today’s edition, tune in every 4 weeks for a unique show featuring a different member of the team each time.