NEW VENUE: Your Living Room

Words by Ella Sedman - @ellasedman

Main image by Martin Parr

In just one week we have witnessed what affect a pandemic such as The Coronavirus can have on the music industry. With social distancing and self-isolation, almost all upcoming gigs, festivals and other music events have been forced to postpone or cancel across the UK.

But even in these dark times, there is some light: BC Camplight. Philadelphian songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Brian Christinzio has continued to perform but from the safety of his Manchester abode. Alike many other artists, BC Camplight's UK Spring tour has been postponed; a tour that was to accompany the album release of, Shortly After Takeoff, in April, the third album to what Brian calls his, "Manchester trilogy."

However, earlier on this week Brian advertised via Instagram that he would be performing an Instagram live session that evening, in which he would sing songs, allow people to ask questions, have a drink and possibly even cry. Featuring his signature piano and sublime singing voice, the songs were as always, beautiful, and the informal intervals, hilarious. More surprising though was the sense of community and togetherness that was created, watching from homes across the country/ world. Similar to BC Camplight's performance at the YES Pink Room last November, the online audience responded with mass praise and words of kindness.

It was also an insight into how the music industry could temporarily evolve to accommodate people staying at home, who may need musical escapism more than ever. After the success of BC Camplight's Monday show, there will be a second show at 6 pm tonight, streaming via Facebook Live, in the hope that it may in Brian's words, "make you feel better, make me feel better, make us both feel worse, make us both feel different." Hopefully, BC Camplight will continue with this new virtual stage and soon, other artists may start to do the same.

Link to BC's show tonight: Tonight we ride