POEM: When People Touched The Earth by Daniel Smyth

Words by Daniel Smyth - @danieljsmythart

Artwork 'Lights & Tunnels' by Mark Bradford

Cogs, they croaked and sputtered Engines slowly, haltered People, painfully, humbled Land was levelled, oceans rose, Microscopic sovereign ruled lawless Your borders, An easy hurdle. Your country, Just another plain. Your fragile shell Another host; A stack of cells I roost in. I have no need for meaning I do not share your dreams, I cannot feel your fears of death, I do not know your loneliness, For I see no seperation, What was, is now dissolving … Goods dried-up in hurried heat, Bordem knawed like wood-lice, Shutters crumbled, and light pierced-in As questions flit the cabin. Moth, nibbling at the musty blankets Holes enough for eyes to see Damp cocoons shed like tumbling pages Revealed the fiction beneath: “So what did we make all this for? Why did we get to where we are?” … The exit opened the entrance… And goodness grew like moss again Though shelves were gut, our gardens filled Cars rusted, stiff and stagnant. Streets drew quietly inward, Sat stilling by the hearth In search of songs forgotten, From when people touched the earth.