Eppu Kaipainen - Poiu

Eppu Kaipainen - Poiu

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Helsinki based producer Eppu Kaipainen returns to Decaying Spheres. Poiu explores how music can change our perception of time, with an investigation into the Eno-creed of ambient; when something is both ignorable and focusable, lending itself to an amorphous feeling of time.

The seven tracks convey a sense of temporal empathy, reflecting on life’s instabilities, it’s constant precursors; a dramatic change, a shift, a turnaround, a relapse. The album explores both the significant and insignificant. The juxtaposition of the momentous and the monotonous. Like the beauty that can be found in a typical week, the ritualistic nature of stability and routine is as essential as those more pivotal moments.

Poiu is a collection of long-form drones that elegantly interprets these themes through considered tape loops, saturated synths and layered modular sequences, creating a lush atmospheric sound that never quite lets the underlying darkness come to the forefront.

Limited edition cassette tape - only 25 copies worldwide.