Hyperdawn - Bleach

Hyperdawn - Bleach

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Hyperdawn is the moniker of Salford based experimentalists Michael Cutting and Vitalija Glovackyte. Off the back of their prolific individual projects, ranging from multimedia performances to studio releases, orchestral works to solo live sets, the duo has steadily developed a distinctive voice as Hyperdawn, forging modified keyboards, homemade instruments and reel to reel tape recorders.

Their debut album Bleach takes their physical, process-based aesthetic with imperfections of warped tape and faltering hardware and pushes it towards the boundaries of pop music. Hints of verse-chorus structures are now apparent with the use of Vitalija’s voice as an essential introduction, giving the duo’s rough-grained instrumentals a new level of poignancy.

Michael and Vitalija have taken their live show to venues and festivals across the UK, US, Canada and Europe as well as had their music broadcast on BBC Radio 3 (Late Junction), NTS Radio and Berlin Community Radio amongst others.