j. b. glazer - Divine Glint Music

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Two years, two self-released albums and various UK and international live shows later, j.b. glazer returns to Them There for another round of mutant club hitters and abstracted dungeon blues. Following on from the blinding 2018 debut album ‘Compact Break’ - ‘Divine Glint Music’ captures glazer working to the utmost extremes of his practice, wrestling with themes of duality to give rise to some of his most realised and polished work to date.

Divine Glint Music represents a stirring experiment in new production techniques for j.b. glazer, initiated through the reconstruction of forgotten collaborative material and the use of turntables as a compositional tool. His natural flare for sample manipulation and drum programming are apparent throughout but ‘Divine Glint Music’ is set apart from previous works by a new sense of spontaneity and impulsiveness. 

Recorded live in London 2020. Recreated using original recordings featuring Bianca Scout, Violence Grass Band, Elena Isolini, James Walker and Halfs.