Jeuce - introJEUCEing

Jeuce - introJEUCEing

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JEUCE are a big garage punk two-piece in a small pond and their debut album introJEUCEing is out with Sheffield DIY label, Delicious Clam on 29 th May 2020. Having supported acts such as Allison Wolfe of Bratmobile and Ian Svenonius’ Escape-ism, Jenn and Bruce have been in bands in the Sheffield and Manchester scenes for too long and as the Peer Hat house band, JEUCE have seen little to no success. And they like it that way, alright?

The sound is a mix between loud female vocals and Bossa Nova drums - think Kathleen Hanna fronting the Gories - and song themes range from haemorrhoids to eating from other people's plates in restaurants.

Their new song, "Hangover" eloquently describes the mental anguish after sinking a couple of pairs of pints. Lyrics such as "I can't escape / This prison I have made / Talking shit / They all think I'm a prick" are sure to delight families and the elderly in equal measure. So listen to JEUCE and be pleasantly surprised. The vinyl is an environmentally friendly 'eco mix' used from leftover colour pellets resembling an ocean blue colour, and each record comes with an A3 poster.