Joey Fourr & Eerie Glue - 'Yr Nu Favourite E.P.' Split Cassette

Joey Fourr & Eerie Glue - 'Yr Nu Favourite E.P.' Split Cassette

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Manchester label Icecapades kicked off 2014 with a split cassette release courtesy of London’s Joey Fourr, and Denmark’s Eerie Glue. Two bedroom-producing-autodidacts, who armed with nothing more than a library of 808-style beats, and treacle-thick-gloopy guitars, have conspired to serve up a seven song release crammed with tight, lo-fi pop songs heavy on esotericism and melody.

Keen observers may recognise Joey Fourr as the moniker under which former-Tubelord frontman, Joe Prendergast has been doggedly toiling for the past 18 months or so, putting out a flurry of well regarded 'zines and E.Ps in the process. Joe is also one of the brains behind burgeoning London based label, and live promoters, Crumb Cabin. Responsible for recent, immaculately packaged releases from the likes of Radical Boy, and Los Cripis.

Less familiar to some may be the name Eerie Glue (aka Copenhagen resident Benjamin Eroğlu), with this cassette marking as it does his first release in the U.K. Responsible for two excellent digital only collections last year, the three tracks on his side of the tape provide a gratifying introduction to those tuning in. Alongside the elements that make up a typical lo-fi release, sits a real cultivated deftness in the manner that these tracks have been put together, both in terms of the rich melodic texture on offering, and his sparse, economical production manner.