Kaveh Soory/Parham Ghalamdar - Situation Number One

Kaveh Soory/Parham Ghalamdar - Situation Number One

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In March 2020 Parham Ghalamder collaborated with Kaveh Soory on an animation titled Situation Number One during the lockdown. The animation was funded by the Sheba Arts Festival and has been exhibited at the Warrington Museum and Gallery as part of the Warrington Contemporary exhibition 2020 as well as the private Old Bank Noma online film club. There are more plans for public screening by the end of 2021

After a year in isolation, the artists have revisited the animation, and consider how the sounds would be perceived in a new context out of lockdown/isolation in the analog forms of Cassette. A re-assessment of the works in a recontextualized situation

Parham works as a Teaching Assistant at the MA Painting program at Manchester School Of Art. He has been involved in more than 15 exhibitions, projects, and commissions in 2020 including a major solo show with Workplace Foundation in Gateshead. Parham recently provided the artwork for "To live a la West" produced by Saint Abdullah and released by Important Records

Kaveh Kaveh was born on 24 of September 1980, just two days before the Iran-Iraq war, in a middle-class family in Tehran-Iran. In those days, music was forbidden ( Haram), and there was no official production of music inside the country

A self-taught guitarist and student of the sound scientifically and artistically, he decided to migrate to the UK in 1999 in order to discover a new world and release himself from all those limitations created for his generation in Iran’s society. Since then he is settled in Manchester and produced his conceptual album, “ Koozeh”, in 2015