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Pun Collins lands back at Them There for his new solo release titled 'Dying Together’. Following on from his previous LP for Them There, 2018’s minimalist-pop ‘Lunar Influence’, ‘Dying Together’ proves a natural progression for Axel Lacan as he further explores the peripheries of post-genre dance music for an optimistic perspective on the end times. Prophetic themes of isolation are a linchpin to Lacan’s often bleak narratives. In navigating us through this new record, Lacan searches for the dim lights on the horizon, frequently weaving in moments of sheer new-age ecstasy so as never to let the vibe settle.

Offering up his essential pallet of spectral synths, deep subs, and organic, layered percussion as a framework, darkly cinematic architectures crumble away as Lacan once again holds us at the precipice of a myriad of musical influences. The abstract sound world created here is a highly nuanced blanket, detailed with Pun Collins’ signature dynamic and pacing smoothly draped over a bed of Ambient, Trance, Funk, and Soul.