Sonny Bliss - No Matter What Mood

Sonny Bliss - No Matter What Mood

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No Matter What Mood is the second release by Industrial Lounge trio, Sonny Bliss - Núria Prat Ortillés, Robin Williams and John Burgess of Manchester’s 6a6y 6 collective - respectively on Alto Sax, Drum Machine + Tape Echo, and Flute.

Improvised during two aleatoric recording sessions in Manchester between August & October 2019, artificial instruments were sonically glued to organic, live woodwind using analog tape echo, forming structure through controlled chance.

Inspired by sounds of 1980s Miles Davis, Laurie Anderson, Chris & Cosey, Olev Muska’s ‘Old Estonian Waltzes’, Phew, Robert Dick and Stockhausen - the compositions soundtrack the reoccurring dissonance of poignantly subversive voices being cancelled by big business.